Friday, September 18, 2009

Yesterday our schools Ensemble, Guitar Group, Violin Group and Choir preformed to the Glendale retirement home and also to the Belhaven retirement home. We had Guitars, Cellos, Choir, Piano, Marimba, Xylophones, Chime bars, Percussion, Recorders, Drums, Bodhrun drums, Violins, Electric guitars, Bass marimba and Key boards in our Ensemble. It was at the St Clair School (our school) hall. The O.D.T (Otago daily times) was there and was taking photos for the newspaper, go to Sue and Kristy , 2 of our school mums organized for the people of Glendale retirement home and Belhaven retirement home to come to St Clair School to hear our ensemble. Jennie and Helen organised the afternoon teas. The senior citizens came because one of our students parents own Glendale retirement home.
by Daniel and Quinn

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