Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are We Up for A Challenge?

Well, bloggers... This could be what we have been looking for. It's a way to increase our profile, make new friends and learn how to be a better blogger along the way. Looks like we could learn something and have fun along the way! Starts on the 6th September. We have decided to enter because it will be a great opportunity for all our keen bloggers.


  1. Great idea! Our class joined the challenge earllier this year. Some of my student bloggers are going to have a go this time.

  2. HI this is Devonne and Shaquille from Room 3 Nayland Primary. We Think your blog is AWESOME! and its cool to see what you guys have been up to. We have seen your pictures and they are funny. We cant wait to catch up

  3. G'day Mrs B,
    Thank you so much for allowing your students to take part in the student blogging challenge.

    I hope both you and your students get something out of the challenge - they can do the blogging or commenting challenge or both if they wish. The challenges I set can be done in any order or miss one if on holidays etc.

    There are no true 'winners' as everyone who takes part gets something out of it, but I will probably ask each teacher to nominate a couple of students who they feel have made the most improvement or the best global connections during the challenge.