Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Persuasive Writing

Today we have been doing persuasive arguements with Miss Sara. We had to pick a statement out of: Cellphones at school;  Chewing gum at school; Swings at school or trampolines at school. Here are our reasons for chewing gum at school:

  • Chewing on chewing gum would give me something to do when working
  • Chewing gum should be at school because we could have a chewing gum monitor in each class
  • You could tell them to have it outside only.
  •   If some kids have sugary gum, they may get hyper
  • Some one might swallow and choke
  • People might stick their old chewing gum under their desks
  • Kids might not play sport as well as there is a risk of choking
So it looks like against won!
If you have any reasons please comment!!

By Alex and Maddy


  1. That's tricky! I can see both perspectives - I wouldn't want gum at school because I hate it when you find old, chewed blobs of gum under table tops or squished into the ground... If people could mange themselves better - I would like to see gum at school because sugar free gum can be good for dental health... mmmm...

  2. As a student I would like to be able to chew gum in class. But I also see the logic in not having it at school.
    Very good argument room 12, it really got me thinking about what would or would not happen if gum was allowed in our school.

  3. Against should won because a chewing gum made so many people choke now and it is very sweet that made you a cavities. If you drop it somewhere, and some people step on it, the gum will problably stick on their shoes.
    Please come to my blog...