Thursday, September 24, 2009

This week the seniors have been training for the south zones. The best of the best will be chosen
to go to the caledonian . First we did the sprints there were six people in the race. We ran eighty meters. many people qualified we wonder who.Then we did high jump you had to jump over one meter to qualify.The hard thing was to jump ninety cm and one meter.

 There was lots of good sportsmanship like cheering when somebody didn't make it. Next we have to do long jump we think that you have jump almost three meters. It will be interesting to see if the people who can jump high can jump long. Ms Marret will train us the skills.
Next term the south zones will happen everybody is training hard to get in and everybody is excited.
Check out room fourteen doing the high jump.
By Jessica and Michella


  1. Who competes in the south zones competitions?
    How did you go in the trials? Do you have a favourite activity? I used to like the high jump when I was in school, although I wasn't terribly good at it:-(

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  4. That must be really hard to jump three meters. Also it would be really hard to jump one metre high.