Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drama with Miss Sara

Yesterday with Miss Sara ( our student teacher). We did drama after lunch. For drama we played a game called count to twenty. What you have to do is get in a circle and try and get to twenty without talking. You have to watch peoples facial expressions. We got to five. After that we got in groups and  did freeze frames about an issue , we did cell phones at school. Miss Sara came and tapped us on the shoulder and we said our thoughts aloud.We had a fun day with Miss Sara .

Should we have cell phones at school?

By Autumn & Ashleigh


  1. Your drama lesson sounds really interesting and fun. We also do drama at school every Thursday at 10.00 for 40 min with Mrs Vesta. We also play freeze frames and the count to 20 game sounds like fun. We have been reading Tashi books in drama and we are doing a play about "Tashi and the Forbidden Room". We are performing it for some other classes on Friday. We are really excited. Are you doing any performances at your school?
    We are allowed to have mobile phones at school for safety for example if we are walking home from school. Our rule is to put the phone in the message bag that goes to the office in the morning and is collected before we go home in the afternoon.

  2. Students at our school are allowed to have their cellphones in their bags or pockets, but if they are seen using them within the school buildings at any time, then they will be confiscated.