Friday, September 18, 2009


Today at assembly, we were visited by the new African drumming group called "Shebang!" There were five ladies in the group including our very own Mrs Caldwell and Mrs Amer (Nina and Sofia's mum! They are called "Shebang" because it is an female group and they are banging on their drums. They did three special African songs, which were all folk dancing songs. This was their first ever performance and we would just like to say that they were great!
Toby and Matt


  1. Thanks Room 12. We really enjoyed playing to you all today. It's been cool having St Clair reporters getting the scoops at all the music event this week. GO YOU!!

  2. Thank you for being the very very best audience it will make our next gig easier.
    Nina's and Sofia's mum

  3. How fantastic to have a performance by a group that includes teachers & parents. It certainly sounds as though you all enjoyed it.

    We just had a Taiko drummer visit our school. That was really interesting too. It looked like very hard work!

  4. Thanks guys, you were a great audience! We had an awesome time at your school. Thanks for having us.
    Wendy (Shebang)