Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Every Child should have to wear a school uniform!

What we think...

Dresses and skirts for the girls are not comfortable
Fashion is art - uniform is not a way to express ourselves
Everyone looks the same - noone is unique!

What do you think? Any reasons for a uniform?

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  1. We are a class of 31 Year 3 & 4 students at Raumati Beach School ( and we have a school uniform. We have some arguments for and against school uniform.

    Arguments for:
    * we should have school uniform because if someone gets lost it makes them easy to find
    * school uniform is good because if you have heaps of really cool clothes it's hard to choose what to wear for school
    * You don't have to think about what to wear in the morning
    * when we wear our uniform people know what school we belong to
    * if you have to wear uniform you can't complain about the clothes your parents put out for you

    Arguments against:
    * it's a waste of money
    * you have to get changed when you get home from school if you have school uniform
    * you can't be yourself
    * everyone is the same
    * if you only have one of everything it could be in the wash and then you couldn't wear it
    * sometimes the colour blue can get really boring
    * it's a waste of money because you're just going to grow out of it
    * uniform could get a bit boring
    * when you grow out of the uniform you have to have your older brother's old one - second hand
    * it's hard to stand out

    * different colours to choose from for uniform

    And from the teacher - I think uniforms are great - there's a lot of pride in wearing a uniform - look at the rugby, soccer, netball teams and the uniforms they wear. When I look at the class photos from the last few years the ones that stand out are the last two with students in uniform - they look stunning. They still manage to individualise their uniforms/look.

    Ms Fothergill (