Friday, June 12, 2009

The Nephew of the moon

This is our first myth we read this week. It was called The Nephew of the Moon its a Australian  Aboriginal Myth. Its about a  lazy uncle that makes his nephew find his food and water, the nephew blows on a tree and the uncle goes so high he can't get down and he turns into the moon. We made a chart and we put all the information about the myth on like the story type ,country,phenomena and the characters ,gods or heroes.


  1. What a fantastic start to your class blog, Room 12. You need to decide which widgets you will make use of to help you learn what your readers are up to... Too many can lead to a great big cluttered mess. What is the purpose of the widget? How will it help us? What do you think should be added? Let's discuss it here by adding a comment!

  2. We put a cluster map on for Room12 to see who has been watching us.