Friday, June 12, 2009

El Grego the Magician

El Grego The Magician came to our school on Wednesday to teach us about bullying and how to stop it. The Seven steps he told us were respect, duty, initiative, compassion, caring and courage. This steps will help us to help people who are being bullied. El Grego also showed us lots of magic tricks and illusions that amazed us all. They look after many exotic birds and use them in some of his tricks.


  1. Hi my name is Nicholas and congratulations on the blog. El Grego came to my old school last year and showed us some magic tricks aswell. Does your blog name Room 12 "ripples" got anything to do with the chips?.

    Nicholas,Melville Intermediate,Hanilton,New Zealand.

  2. LOL - ripples as in the ripple effect... Not ripples chips...