Friday, July 3, 2009

Mr Newton

Today Mr Newton our principal celebrated  his 10th year at St Clair School as our principal!

We had a celebration for Mr Newton. 10 years at St Clair School is a long time. It wasn’t just 10 years at St Clair School -  it was also a special birthday for him. Mrs Newton came and shared the celebration with us all. It was her birthday as well! We tricked Mr Newton because he thought it was an end of term assembly for Mrs Tapp (she is leaving us for a while) but we gave him a surprise with a song called Mr Newton! It was re-written lyrics to the tune of "Here's to you Mrs Robinson!" Every class gave him a special certificate about what they liked the best about Mr Newton. Some were serious and some were funny.  We said how we like the way he is often seen leaping tall fences in the name of rescuing our sports gear!

Mr Newton is the best pricipal in the world!!!


  1. Hi Room 12, I have found your class blog and wiki from Mrs Bee's twitter. I am very impressed with your work. I have a yr 5 & 6 class as well. We will have to update our blog and make some wikis to get it working as well as yours. great work. You can check us out at Nayland Primary School, Nelson.
    Mrs McR

  2. Hi Room 12! Your blog is looking great. My class is also a year 5/6 class, but we're in Australia. Maybe we should work together on something sometime. Keep up the good work!

    Mr Lamshed