Friday, July 31, 2009

Is Art Just For Arts Sake?

Over the past two weeks we have been learning what art is and that it is created to get a response. During the finding out sorting phrase of our inquiry, we have been to the art gallery where we learnt about parihaka and how artists such as painters , dancers and singers have shared their thoughts about it . We are now exploring  current issues. e will choosing an issue that is important to each of us and presenting our ideas using all of the arts. we used to think art was just on the wall now art is different things  such  as dancers,painters,sculptors,singers,taggers,carvers,actors,models, writers,hairdressers,architects,Gardner's,tattooists,movie makers and animation. 

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  1. Room 12 - What Issues are you following? How might you use the Arts to share your feelings about that issue?