Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Musical Assembly

On Thursday the senior team had a music performance the house was packed with an audience ready to hear the talented musicans. The show was packed full of wonderfull preformances from the choir, Guitar and Chello groups, ensemble and the classroom preformances. The guitar group opened up the assembly, and then we heard from the very talented classrooms. It was all very fun and exciting, all of the songs we preformed took alot of hard work and practice. We wish you were there!!!


  1. Fantastic reporting Kea! Thanks so much for working beyond the call of duty! I was really proud and impressed by Room 12 at the music assembly! I think they were amazing!

  2. Hi its Savanah and Devonne and we are from Nelson. We love your blog we have one too. There is alot of stuff to look at.We also think the map of every one who is online is awesome.

  3. Wow you guys are very musical. It looks like you had lots of fun.


  4. Hello its Shannon from room10 you guys are very musical and talented you guys are younger than me and i don't know how to play any instrument!! so you must be very talented........
    I am going to go now and i look forawd to seeing more talented pictures/posts BYE